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Before computers and technology there was, is and always will be graphic design and its essence, visual communications. Paul Rand taught that the process a truly great designer goes through to create his masterpiece is far more involved than just producing a good layout by making a pleasing arrangement of visual miscellaneous ... that there is a mental process the designer must necessarily go through ... a problem solving process which does not begin with a preconceived idea. He analyzes, interprets and formulates by improvising and inventing and then restates his problem in terms of ideas, symbols and pictures ... with clarity and interest.

As the field of computer graphics changes and new media outgrows its daily limitations, designers find themselves in an ongoing race to keep up with the new tools available to them in the pursuit of the perfect design.



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Mid-way through my design career, I chose to expand my skills to include computer technology and graphic software thereby increasing my productivity and enhancing my problem solving capabilities. It was and continues to be an exciting challenge and an ongoing adventure. My studies include the industry standard print design software and CAD Illustration, 3D Modelling, Flash Animation, HTML, CSS and Javascript. From hand created original art and design presentations to computer assisted drawings, 3D and coding, computers have changed the world of design.

My years working for exhibit firms and ad agencies as a freelance designer have provided me with very diversified experience in many areas of design including print, media packaging, web, trade show exhibits and signage. I accrued a valuable understanding of corporate expectations in the world of visual communication. It has also been my honor to be afforded the opportunity of donating a portion of my time in the design and production of print projects and websites for non-profit organizations, one of which earned an international web site design award.

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